We possess a wide spectrum of experience. Our IT competence and our technical knowledge have already been set and proven in the following industrial sectors:

Plant engineering and construction • Automobile and sub-contractor industries • Construction industry • Electrical industry • Manufacturing systems engineering and tool making • Public administration • Postal services •Software and system houses • Telecommunications provider • Insurance.

For the last few years, we have worked mainly for the logistics industry, specifically for the businesses and business sectors of the Deutschen Post AG (DHL). For the industrial engineering of parcels logistics, we are concerned with the realization of the system to supply the production equipment with the relevant data. There, at the same time, we were also consultatively active and accompany long-term large development projects.

Production Masterdata Management

We have conceived and realized an Oracle-based system for the storage and administration of production data for the Deutsche Post AG (DHL). The system receives data daily from the data suppliers (remote Oracle instances), which are transformed and extended to subsequently generate complex XML mass data. This latter data is then distributed to the production systems.

The system has an intranet user interface that was realized with Oracle Application Express. Oracle 11 Rel. 2 was used as the database platform. The complete application logic was programmed using only PL/SQL and Java.

One special feature of the system is that it deals with an application close to production. Since production start, the system has run practically maintenance free.


In the framework of a very long consulting assignment for the Deutsche Post AG (DHL), we have accompanied the proposal, piloting and introduction of the IT-part of an OCR and video coding systems for parcel distribution equipment.

A concept for a comprehensive system architecture was created along with the supervision of the internal and external interfaces. Also, a quality-monitoring database system was implemented in PL/SQL und Java/Swing.

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We develop native Applications for the Android platform with SQLite, Bloetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC) and AES data encryption. Our special emphasis is on the functionality: our Apps should be easy to handle.

Our interests focus on the database access via REST, home automation, sensors and geodata.

We develop our apps with Java using Android Studio or Eclipse.

Our App in Google-Play-Shop and on Amazon: Skrytka ("Hideout")

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"Skrytka" description:

"Skrytka" in Google-Play-Shop and on Amazon


We would like to discuss with you your problems and assignments, not our daily and hourly wage rates.
In our opinion that an experienced software developer and consultant must be capable of implementing a well formulated assignment in a detailed fixed priced proposal. Should this fail, then the assignment must be broken down into manageable parts, or we would compile a detailed concept or specification, preferably for a fixed price for you.

We offer our support for the whole development process, from concept via realization to launch and maintenance of your complete system.

In our core business areas we offer high quality services at very favourable fixed price rates.

Our proposal contains:

Dabase Technology and Informationsystems

We offer you design and development of database information systems with the Oracle RDBMS:

Datamodeling (relational (ER), hierarchical (XML)), database design, data replication, ETL as well as the database programming with PL/SQL and Java

Design and development of Web applications with Oracle APEX

Business process analysis and modeling, studies, requirements, specifications

Mobile Applications

Android is the system platform not only for mobile devices but for mobile information systems in general ("Home Automation", "Internet of Things"). We design and develop for you nativ Android Apps in Java with the use of the Android Studio.

We work with Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Protocol), NFC, sensors, Google Maps, SQLite, AES data encription, HTTP und REST.

Data security is particularly important, not least because some apps - most notably the social media apps - are secretly sniffing the smartphone data. Our App "Skrytka" is an example of reasonable data protection.


Dr Jan Golka

M. Sc. (Physics) and Ph.D. (theoretical Physics). IT experience since 1972. Active as software engineer, software architect, project manager and IT consultant since 1984.


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